Young Economists' Meeting in Brno
May 28-29, 2018


Questions regarding paper submission, registration and participation:

 1) Is there an age limit for participation in YEM?
 No, there is not.

2) I am not a European citizen; can I still participate in YEM?
  Yes, you can. There is no restriction on citizenship.

3) How much is the registration fee to YEM?
  There is no registration fee; participation is free of charge. 

4) Can I get funding for YEM?
  Yes, we offer travel grants. Please make a request on the submission form.

5) What is the amount of support I can get?
  The conference funds are limited so we cannot fully reimburse travel costs and accommodation. We offer travel grants of 50 and 100 EUR for participants. In particular cases we may decide to support researchers who may otherwise be prevented from attending (please send us an email with a request). 

6) Which topics are eligible for the conference?
  We encourage paper submissions within the specified conference tracks. 

7) What are the prerequisites for the full paper?
  There is no restriction on the number of words. The full paper should be similar to a working paper, complete with a description of your methodology, results, etc. You will be assigned a discussant and it is likely that more complete papers will result in better discussions.

8) How much time should a paper presentation take?
  Each presentation should last 15-17 minutes at most, and will be followed by a discussion. Each presenter will discuss the paper given by another presenter in his/ her session. Sessions will be chaired by senior scholars, who will keep track of time. 

9) Is it possible to submit an abstract if my paper is not finished?
  Yes it is. The point of the conference is to help researchers to improve their unpublished work.

10) How is the Best Paper Award selected?
  It is chosen by a committee including members of the Programme Committee and the keynote speaker(s). Papers whose authors are all below the age of 35 and single-authored papers by authors aged under 35 will be given priority in selection for the award. 

11) What will the winner of the Best Paper Award get?
  The winning paper will be awarded a prize of 200 EUR (5000 CZK), but the academic honour is what really counts.

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